J dome Bike-around sansestimulering treningsapparat 2016

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Closing 6. August 19:30

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20087405.07.2019 13:57:40kr 1 000,-

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Product information

  • LagerstedSnarøyveien 48 Hangar 3 1364 Fornebu
  • Kontraktsnr.11074723-1B
  • MerkeJ dome Bike-around


2016 JDome Bike-around sansestimulering treningsapparat selges på auksjon.

Nypris for jDome Bike-around var 125 000.- i 2016.
Bruksområde for jDome Bike-around er beskrevet nedenfor på engelsk.
BikeAround is suitable for People with cognitive disabilities BikeAround can be successfully used in rehabilitation and daily activities.
Communication and motor skills as well as sensory stimulation can be exercised in conditions that are safe, repeatable and customary.
People with physical disabilities Balance problems, cerebral palsy, overweight or acquired brain injuries.
People with memory difficulties BikeAround makes exercise of, for instance, visualizing and abstract ability and interaction with others more pleasurable and meaningful.

Objektet selges as/is uten reklamasjonsrett.
Det er på kjøpers risiko dersom budgivningen skjer uten at salgsobjektene er besiktiget.

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  • ContactRolf Isaksen
  • Telephone47 68 22 57